Click some links and take some names

Click some links and take some names

Take actions for causes you care about right from your computer.

These petitions and letters are so easy to take part in. Just click and sign. Of course, you can also read more information at each website before signing so you make sure you don’t give away your soul or something on accident. Always read that fine print!

Save Koalas. We all love koalas, right? They’re so cute and admit it, you’ve wanted one for a pet since you were a kid? No… Well, you’re the only one who didn’t, then. Anyway, koalas are facing a horrible epidemic of Chlamydia right now, rendering almost half their female population infertile. I never would have thought something like this could happen, but it’s real—and it’s something we can help stop if we give koalas endangered animal status right away. Click here to ask Australia’s Federal Environment Minister to do just that and help save koalas from extinction.

Ask the Missouri House to Expand Medicaid. Since SCOTUS ruled that Obama’s healthcare plan was constitutional, but then said requiring states to expand Medicare—a key component—was not, we are all left scrambling for insurance that would be much easier to obtain if the expansion did occur. You can click here to ask legislators in Missouri to approve of this expansion, and be sure to ask the lawmakers of your own state if necessary as well.

Support Aaron’s Law: The death of Aaron Swartz last week was a sobering moment for us all. Demand Progress is asking for an inquiry to be made into Swartz’s inquisition—I mean prosecution—and to start a law in his name known as Aaron’s Law that would make authorities have to back off of their ruthless dogging of people facing jail time for victimless crimes. Read about it and add your voice if you want to support Aaron’s Law.

Yell at Rush. Admit it—you want to. We all want to. Emily’s List is giving you a platform to give Limbaugh a piece of your mind. After all, he has no problem getting paid to give us a piece of his day after day, spreading the hatred of women (and any non-white cisgender male, for that matter) with his vile garbage. Visit Emily’s List to send Rush your message.

Stand Up for Sasquatch. Okay, this one is just funny. I had to show it to you. Even though I love cryptozoology in all its fun, I had to laugh over this petition to get the White House to confirm the identity of Big Foot—and ensure its protection. Enjoy.

One last serious note here—I wanted to link to this guide on how to handle and prevent cyber stalking. These tips are great; pass them on to friends, especially teens and youth who use the internet.