Help put an end to poaching

Help put an end to poaching

You’d think it would be over by now…

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been outraged by poaching. Blame it on Rescuers Down Under or my vocal mother, who was especially appalled at the poaching of animals. The killing and selling of another life, human or not, for coats and ash trays and novelty items just sickens me to the core, and I know I am not alone in this feeling.

Right now, there is an act known as The Global Conservation Act of 2012 being considered. This act would help us crack down on illegal poaching—but it would also do what so many other programs fail to do, which is provide communities with other forms of wildlife tourism so they don’t have to resort to poaching for a living.

I have read that most poachers are pretty wealthy and that the whole poaching to feed one’s family story is a joke; I’m not sure I believe that, though. I’ve also read that the government gets a hefty cut from poachers, and that I do believe. Human trafficking, drug markets, and other illegal activities would not exist without government aid; why not poaching?

At any rate, I am supporting these anti-poaching measures and I hope that you will too. Click here to find out more and to support this bill.