January 2012

Seals and Sea Lions

Lookalikes with Differences

From sea lion crowd control to baby seals waddling into homes, these creatures are regularly in the news. Recently, a rogue California population moved northward to consume salmon, followed by some strong tactics that included euthanasia. In another happier incident, a baby seal waddled into a New Zealander's home and promptly headed to the sofa for a snooze.

White Tigers - A Natural Draw with Detractors

Popular and Rare, Their Conservation Should be Questioned

White tigers raise the visitor factor at any zoo. While most facilities house the typically orange and black big cats, many vie for an opportunity to put these rarer color variances on display. Some even go to great efforts to provide breeding opportunities to produce more white tigers. Is that good? According to many experts, it is not. However, their power to draw crowds often outweighs the truths.

Zoboomafoo is a Delightful Learning Experience

For Kids, That Is!

Although most children’s programs tend to annoy me, and we don’t normally watch all that many—my daughter couldn’t even tell you who the characters in Spongebop Squarepants are, save for the titular one she’s read about in books—when my six-year-old likes one, I often find myself liking it, too. Anything that makes her smile is pretty much good in my book, and since she is very much into animals and her viewing choices reflect that, her selections are typically not as bad as those other kids might choose.

Zoboomafoo is her latest favorite program. It’s a half-hour show featuring two young men known as the Kratt Brothers (she called them “Crap Brothers” at first!) who live at a place called Animal Junction. They learn about all sorts of different animals, take trips, and feature a lot of live animals on their show. Sometimes there are children featured on the show as well, which adds an interesting element. It’s sort of like Jeff Corwin for kids (but with less handsome hosts).