March 2012

Old Men of the Forest - Orangutans in Danger

Great Apes of Asia are Dwindling in Rapid Numbers

Orangutans are fascinating and beautiful creatures and they’re facing extinction in as little as a decade. As great apes, they’re amazingly intelligent and can display human-like behaviors such as using tools. Native to Asia, their populations were once widespread. Today, orangutans are found on only two islands: Borneo and Sumatra.

Lions are not Kings of the Jungle

They could be - if they lived there

Calling a lion King of the Jungle is just wrong. These big cats don’t live in the jungle, they inhabit the open savannahs. That’s why their fur is a wheaty-yellow - to blend in with the tall waving grasses. They are regal without a doubt as they roam, play, hunt and gather in prides. As a “Leo,” they take their place in horoscopes while their Swahili name - Simba - explains why they are popular characters in movies.

Koalas Crawling Slowly Toward Endangered Status

The Australian Government is Dragging on Making a Declaration

Koalas are about the cutest animal alive and they’re now heading into troubled territory. Conservations are at odds with the Australian government over its reluctance to declare koalas endangered. With wildfires the main cause of habitat destruction, drought is a secondary issue. This foot-dragging seems to be because populations are thriving in some areas. In Southern Australia, the marsupials are listed as “rare,” while they have made it to the “vulnerable” list in New South Wales and Queensland.