January 2013

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These petitions and letters are so easy to take part in. Just click and sign. Of course, you can also read more information at each website before signing so you make sure you don’t give away your soul or something on accident. Always read that fine print!

Save Koalas. We all love koalas, right? They’re so cute and admit it, you’ve wanted one for a pet since you were a kid? No… Well, you’re the only one who didn’t, then. Anyway, koalas are facing a horrible epidemic of Chlamydia right now, rendering almost half their female population infertile. I never would have thought something like this could happen, but it’s real—and it’s something we can help stop if we give koalas endangered animal status right away. Click here to ask Australia’s Federal Environment Minister to do just that and help save koalas from extinction.